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Tooth loss can happen at any age and there are many causes for this. Whether one, several, or all teeth are absent, implantology is the most advanced and aesthetically most demanding method for restoring a healthy chewing function and to close gaps. The success of implants has been documented for more than 30 years in clinical studies. Long term results show that after more than 10 years still 96% of all implants are fully functional.

A set of implanted dentures provides the feeling of one’s own teeth for patients. It creates a feeling of natural teeth, fits and adapts itself harmoniously in the individual‘s tooth environment. Even in the case of complete tooth loss implants allow for firm and aesthetic teeth.


We only use implant systems whose compatibility and reliability have been proven by scientific studies (Straumann, SIC, Nobly Biocare). Prof. Dr. Peter Jöhren is a certificated implantologist at the Directives of the Consensus Conference Implantology and a member of the international Implantology teams. From 1992-2001 Professor Jöhren taught the subject of Implantology at the University of Witten/Herdecke. The Dental Clinic of Bochum performs more than 500 implants annually. The Dental Clinic of Bochum provides supervisory and training on behalf of the German Society for Implantology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie).

The Dental Clinic of Bochum is able to place implants, design, construct and fit prosthesis on top of an implant, therefore everything remains in one place and can easily be followed by the patient. For those patients that have been referred to us we can guarantee that the prosthetics is carried out in practises we have partnerships with and who have been selected by our quality criteria.

The implantology offers flexible solutions for individual concerns. It enables us in most cases to provide our patients with a well fitting set of dentures.