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Today we know that the perceptions of pain can be very different for individuals. There are no imaginary pains. Our therapy centre offers thorough dental care especially for sensitive patients and patients with an anxiety disorder, the so-called dental treatment phobia, including care for those patients who have avoided the dentist‘s surgery for many years. You find detailed information on this subject under the navigation concept "Therapy centre".

With our modern equipped anaesthesia instrumentation we can treat you painlessly and carefully. For every operation, we choose the optimum pain elimination. In most cases an individually adapted local anaesthesia is sufficient to carry out examinations and treatments in a painless way.

If requested, with complicated operations a half anaesthic or a general anaesthetic can be carried out in addition to the local anaesthesia. In the anaesthesia discussion we decide with you which anaesthesia procedure is appropriate for the operation. We consider possible concerns and doubts of our patients and decide the procedure for the pain elimination together.

With treatments under general anaesthetic the vital functions and bodily functions are supervised by our anaesthetist Matthias Hatting. The post-surgical care occurs in discrete anaesthetic recovery rooms or on the private station in one of our single or double bed rooms through the anaesthetist experienced and certified team.

Nevertheless, a treatment under general anaesthetic should never be the norm. If it is a matter of treating patients with strong fears, the psychotherapy should always be the preferred choice to reduce their phobia.

You can find detailed information about the treatment of nervous patients under the navigation point Therapy centre