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Even in the case of a complete tooth loss, implants allow an aesthetic and well fitting solution. Depending on our patients individual ideas and possibilities different alternative solutions on implants can be arranged.

Removable prosthesis, worn as implant

Implants can once more give a firm hold to a full prosthesis. The prosthesis attached to the implant remains removable, nevertheless, it sits safely. A removable prosthesis worn on top of an implant does not slip and, thus, prevents bruises. Mastication pains belong to the past. This solution relieves patients of the disadvantage of conventional prothesis .People who have experienced this will again and again appreciate the new quality of life provided through our implants.

Set of teeth firmly attached to an implant

This variation requires a larger number of implants. With this solution the teeth are firmly screwed together on the implant. In an ideal case, the new set of teeth or prosthesis are aligned with the gums. This is an aesthetically more demanding solution.

Since the palate is not covered by the prosthesis, the taste sense is not affected. Patients enjoy their original chewing feeling again.