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High-class and comprehensive diagnosis forms the basis of the best and most accurate planning and treatment of operations. The time of the therapy itself is drastically shortened and therefore is safer.

The Dental Clinic of Bochum utilizes a diagnostics centre with the most modern, technical equipment. Digital X-ray examination with little radiation intensity, Digital Panoramic Tomography and a three-dimensional Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) allow an exact and detailed treatment planning.

The latest diagnostic procedures support the therapy. Our Prof. Jöhren has extensive experience with digital X-ray procedures and has been lecturing on “radiology” at the university Witten/Herdecke since 1992. With the 3D view of the DVT the bone structures can be shown in detail. The doctor's team already knows all important information about the bone quality (osseous), anatomical structures and individual specific features before an operation.

The nerve course and the maxillary sinus ground can be illustrated precisely. The advantage of the Digital Volume Tomography is its a very high resolution and the lower ray strain compared to the commonly used Computed Tomography system. We can project images and concerning our patients directly on screen and provide them with a digital copy for a second opinion.

The three-dimensional presentation of the oral area and jaw area allows for a new care quality in odontology. In difficult cases we can implement a detailed and reliable diagnosis and plan more comfortable operations with promising prognosis.

The diagnosis is supported by a high-resolution Zeiss operated microscope which can be used during the treatment. All dental practitioners wear magnifying glasses with direct lighting in order to detect even the smallest pathological findings.