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Dental Phobia

Elimination of pain during the treatment is a prerequisite for patients with a fear disorder. Our dental staff recognises fear and takes the reservations and distress of the affected persons seriously. We know that patients are not often able to control their situation at a rational level. With sympathy, consultation and psychotherapeutic care patients can be helped.

To estimate how anxious you really are and whether you suffer from a fear disorder, please answer the following questionnaire about fear.

Fear Questionnaire

Hierarchical Anxiety Form (HAF) According to Jöhren 1999

The new hierarchical anxiety form (HAF) contains 11 questions which can be answered in each case with five different fear levels („not at all” to „petrified”) (Jöhren in 1999, Stiftung Warentest in 1999). For every question you answer with “not at all" you will get one point, for „a little anxiously” 2 points, etc.

For „petrified” you will get 5 points. With a maximum fear of 11 x 5 points you can thus achieve (55 points). Accordingly a fear level can be measured between 11-55 points based on your answers.

That is how afraid you are

With the HAF the patients can be divided into three different nervous groups: Dividing of patients into a dental fear category (based on the hierarchical fear questionnaire.

  • Group 1 (Low anxious) to 30 points
  • Group 2 (Averagely anxious) from 31 to 38 points
  • Group 3 (highly anxious) to more than 38 points>